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Spring Cleaning Time - Dental Hygiene

Wed Nov. 9th 2016

Often with stress we can neglect ourselves, as well as sending our immune systems into overdrive. Teeth and gums are readily forgotten and left to their own devices of trying to fight plaque and bacteria. The way our immune system fights this bacteria is to send inflammatory factors to the scene. This can become painful and cause bleeding gums.

Having your gums checked and teeth cleaned by our hygienist means that you are given the resources to maintain a healthy mouth; your teeth are left feeling sparkly clean and your gums are healthy for you to maintain.

With the excitement and stress of Christmas rapidly approaching, we can often become overwhelmed and end up neglecting our teeth and gums. Come in and see Melody our hygienist here at Bays Dental and have a calming hygiene session before Christmas.

… In the meantime don't forget to floss!

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